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Ever wondered how our shoes feel so incredible?
Flip™ Leather Back-Strap Sandals
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Monochrome feels with a touch of shine in our classic Lulu™ leather sandals. What's your wear-with-everything sandal?

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Lindy Anastasia Beaverhausen
· fitflops australia stockists,fitflop sneakers
I'm not a skinny girl, and my feet hurt after I am on them for a while.
When I discovered FitFlops, I found shoes that I could wear from AM through AM and not f ... eel any discomfort. They're theee most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, in my life, bar none.
I am on a budget, and I have to save to buy these shoes, but I don't regret any sacrifice that I've made for any of my purchases. I am just over the moon about finding stylish, comfortable shoes that I can wear all day!
Thank you, FitFlop USA!!!

~Satisfied Canuck
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Marlene Doucette Montgomery
· where to buy fitflop in singapore,fitflop new arrival 2015,fitflop f-pop loafer,fitflop 7 sale
I have been wearing these since I first discovered them 10 years ago. I am 61 years old, do not exercise but have been told by doctors and physical therapists ... that I have the legs of an athlete. Now have 12 different pair. These are the only things that feel comfortable and do not cause me back pain. I am so glad that there are now fit flop casual shoes. Now if you could only come up with a fancy dress shoe �� See More
Dana Sutton
· April 27, 2017
I love the FitFlop shoe. It's amazing.
But, your customer service is not so amazing.
I own a pair of size 11 Astrids in the microwbobb leboard (apparentl y O ... riginal style). They fit great. Long enough for my usually size 12 feet. Bought them at Nordstroms 2-3 years ago. LOVE THEM!

I would gladly buy 10 more pairs if I could, but it's very difficult to figure out what footbeds will fit me, and apparently these foodbeds are always changing and being re-designed.
I recently ordered size 11 Superjellys in microwobbleboard (apparently Classic style) and they were too short.
After what seems like weeks of back and forth with Audrey (customer service) over email, I still don't have any answers.

Just a note, in 2015, Jessica was super helpful in giving me styles that would work for me, but your styles have changed greatly since then apparently.

Your lack of solution to this problem has been very frustrating, and I encourage you to get more help in the customer service department.

And please start carrying size 12s. You are leaving thousands of women without your great shoe!
buy fitflops,fitflop usa site
Sajida Raza Mashhadi
· April 28, 2017
I bought fitflop and it has destroyed my feet. Initially there was pain in my foot bone and after few days it was ok so I ignored it. It has destroyed the skin of my feet and there are brown marks on the top part of my feet. I want refund of my money as well as compensati on
Cornelia Maria Nicholls
· sequin fitflops,fitflops clearance
I used to love Fit Flops and have owned a dozen pairs over the past 10 years or so. However the quality of the last 4 pairs I've owned has been appalling. The s ... oles wear down much more quickly and now the toe post of my most recent purchase has broken. Exactly the same thing happened to the last pair my husband purchased. Neither of us will ever purchase them again. fitflop shop uk,fitflops near me
Brenda Heads
· April 28, 2017
Love FitFlop's I can walk much easier and without pain while wearing them. Is it possible to be able to 'sort' your styles by the type of insoles they have. I ... can only walk for any length of time with the Microwobbleboard™ it takes such a long time to sort out the styles I like and then check the insoles. fitflop slippers women,fitflop loafers for women,fitflop bronze,fitflop womens sandals
Phyllis Bailey
· fitflop trainers,fitflop shoes canada
Fitflops are the most comfortabl e shoes/ sandals in the World! They feel so comfy, yet supportive . Especially if you are standing/ walking for an extended period of time.I highly recommend them for achy feet!
Patti Davis- Plemel
· fitflop gogh clog,fitflop chelsea boots
I was given as a gift last year in april, i have plantar fasciatis and these are the only flip flops i can wear, i even wear in the winter as slippers because i havent found anything else i can wear. time for a new pair.
Angie Brian Lees
· buy fitflops,fitflop usa site
Just recieved my first pair of fitflops they are lovely and sparkly and super comfy . Having problems with a knee
always looking for comfy shoes well i have at last found them thankyou . Fabby
Kim Parry
· fitflop clearance sale,fitflop com sale
Love Fitflops. I have plantar facilitis / policemans heel. I can walk for miles without pain. Highly recommend them. I'll be adding another pair to my collection soon �
Julie Zack Saavedra
· latest fitflop design 2015,fitflop gogh women
I wear FitFlop sandals and shoes almost exclusivel y! They alleviate pressure on my heels and are comfortabl e for being on my feet all day long!
Jadzia Weedon
· April 14, 2017
On my feet all day (up to 14 hours) in these - feet comfortabl e all day long.
Lynne Blake
· April 9, 2017
Love this product they are so comfortabl e, great design, great if you have any foot problems.
Tammy Holt
· fitflop chelsea boot,fitflop shoes cheap
Great arch support! Really comfortabl e as I have neuropathy in my feet and these shoes do not make it worse! Plus they are cute!
Carol Stone
· April 8, 2017
love my fitflops wear them all the time will be getting some more for the summer
Debbie Clark Trolsen
· fitflop revenue,fitflop loaff boots
My collection of FitFlops are the most comfortabl e shoes I've ever worn.
Mona Weir Winn
· April 8, 2017
I have no cushion in the bottoms of my feet and it's the only shoe I wear.
Isobel Carson
· April 7, 2017
I have severe arthritis in my feet and FlipFlops are the ONLY sandals I can wear and have my feet not hurt.
Linda Berg-Bebbington
· adidas superstar
The most comfortabl e sandal ever! Third year wearing them in the summer and they look like new!
Betty Soukup
· April 18, 2017
They desperatel y need new designers! All their sandals look alike.

We're loving how blogger, Fashioncam has styled up her Tassel Superskates. Show us how you'd style yours.

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We're loving Uma Thurman's black bodycon dress and gold sandal pairing. What would you pair your Lumy™ sandals with? fitflop 7 5,fitflop jelly slide,fitflop 350,fitflop sale singapore

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Laurie Rousos-DePaulis
Laurie Rousos-DePaulis Trying to place an order and no place to put your expiration and code #. What's up?
FitFlop Hi Laurie, if you email, our designated team will be able to help you further. Thanks!
Angela Robertson
FitFlop Hi Jen, these sandals are curved to cup the contours of your feet, they have a cushioning pod under your heel and pressure points and are really, really comfortable!
fitflop qoo,fitflop retail stores

Calling all maximalists, it's time to add a little shimmer to your step this Spring! Which colour is your favourite?

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Susie Fledell
Susie Fledell Four pairs?? I wish! I love these shoes so much that I'm counting somewhere between 20-30, including amazing sneakers! I've walked through airports and foreign countries with no pain or discomfort whatsoever. Love them!
brown leather fitflops,fitflop yoko indigo Wow, Suzie, thanks so much for the kind words!
Pat Grosvenor
Pat Grosvenor my hubby bought me a pair of grey ruffle fitflops last year, i now have 5pairs, and now i am after a pair of blue cha cha,
fitflop price in singapore,fitflop values,fitflop singapore store
FitFlop What a lovely hubby!
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